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Colonial Gardens offers over a thousand different types and sizes of trees. If you’re not quite sure which tree you were wanting for a sunny or shady spot, then Colonial Gardens can help you out. Our tree experts have been in the business for over 20 years and can help you out no matter how big or small your questions may be.


We have countless seed options that can be sold per packet, bag or in bulk! Our most famous option are those of bulk. Ranging anywhere from an ounce of garden, grass or bird seed to 50 lbs of seed. We got you covered.

Gardening & Lawn Supplies

We carry a large selection of gardening tools. We also carry a variety of lawn & gardening products, including our own in-house line of compost & lawn fertilizer.

What Should I Plant in the Summer?
How Do I Take Care of It?

For those “Do It Yourselfers” out there you have come to the right place. Search through our plant database to find the ideal plants for your landscaping and gardening needs, right from the comfort of your home.

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The Right Time to Plant

There’s nothing like enjoying the lush landscapes of summer. Now is a great time to spruce up your yard with colorful flowers and your cooking with fresh herbs and vegetables.


If you missed out on planting your flower beds and containers this spring or need to spruce things up for a summer party, Colonial offers plenty of options like lantana and vinca that thrive in the summer heat and can withstand drought-like conditions.

picture of a flower for perennials


Perennials can successfully be planted in the summer if special attention is paid to the time of day you plant them. They will also likely need to be watered thoroughly and often, depending on the weather. When shopping for perennials in the summer, you get the benefit of seeing many varieties such as coneflower and coreopsis in full bloom.

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If you had a busy spring and didn’t get your tomatoes and peppers planted, you may not be too late to start a vegetable garden or replace plants that didn’t make it. Since vegetables like tomatoes can be harvested up until a fall frost, you can still get a successful crop from transplants planted as late as June.

House Plants & Tropicals

If you’re looking for a big impact on your patio, tropicals such as hibiscus and gardenias may be a good option for you. Colonial offers these tropicals into the early summer months. Houseplants can also make a great addition to shaded containers for a lush look on a covered porch. These containers can them be brought in during colder months of the year.


Herbs can be planted any time of year depending on whether you are staring a windowsill garden or looking for an extensive herb garden in your backyard.

Herbs like basil and cilantro really thrive in the heat, so summer is a wonderful time to make this addition. Having fresh herbs to clip for summer grilling or flavoring iced teas is always rewarding.

PlantRight Compost

PlantRight Compost is an organic soil amendment that’s 99% weed & seed-free. Live microbes give our compost it’s fresh, earthy smell. Containing humus to assist in soil aggregation making nutrients more available for absorption, PlantRight Compost is specially formulated to help you grown the happiest, healthiest plants.

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