About Us

Who We Are

We’re more than your community garden center and nursery – we’re neighbors, supporters, teachers and learners. We’re growers, planters, color enthusiasts and creators – and at our core, we believe Soil is Life.

What We Do

Quite simply, we’re experience providers.

While we love our vibrant houseplants, Colonial Grown produce, huge selection of trees and shrubs, and all of our landscape and hardscape materials – we pride ourselves on creating a rewarding experience for you. Whether you’re a new plant parent investigating possibilities or a seasoned outdoor (or indoor) visual creator, we’re here to help ensure your success!

Our History

For 50 years, we’ve grown with our community – and along the way, we’ve found new ways to share our knowledge, provide real experiences and cultivate our passion.

Our Community

While we’re proud to serve all of Kansas City, our roots are deepest here in our Blue Springs, MO home. Watch this local news feature celebrating our community!