Colonial Garden’s Favorite Top 10 Themed Containers

Colonial Garden’s Favorite Top 10 Themed Containers

May 3, 2018

We are FINALLY past the winter that lasted forever and it’s time to welcome the spring that took so long to get here! If you are wanting to plant some containers but aren’t sure where to start, consider a themed container garden. Here’s our favorite 10 themed container gardens for inspiration. Once you’ve picked one (or two or three), come out to Colonial Gardens – we have all of these plants and flowers ready and waiting for you to plant!

1. Bloomfest

If you are looking for a container absolutely full of blooms, choose vigorous bloomers like supertunias and geraniums. Pair them with vigorous growers like sweet potato vine for the best bang for your buck.

2. Summer Heat

Want something that can withstand the summer heat and drought conditions? Combine annuals like purslane, lantana, and periwinkle in containers for a design that won’t droop on you on those hot summer days.

3. Pollinators

If you’re wanting beautiful creatures like hummingbirds and butterflies to frequent your patio, combine flowers like cuphea and lantana that attract pollinators. Other options are heliotrope and salvia.

4. Herbalicious

Why not mix in a few herbs with your flowering containers so that you have some culinary foliage? Some herbs like thyme make a nice spiller for a container while doubling as a great addition to a home-cooked dinner.

5. Monochromatic

Have one color you absolutely love? Why not use it in every shade? Check out these beautiful custom containers using all shade of purple. Use varying leaf sizes and shapes to add dimension. Also- don’t forget you can bring in more purples (or whatever color you’ve chosen) with foliage such as purple potato vine or wandering jew.

6. Patriotic

There are plenty of options for red, white, and blue combinations to keep things festive for summer parties on Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Red and white impatiens go excellent with blue torenia.

7. Complementary Colors

Choose colors across from each other on the color wheel for a visually-pleasing design. This creates the perfect balance of warm and cool colors and catches the eye with contrast.

8. Shady Baby

Some of our best flowers are made for shade. Use fuchsia, begonias, and torenia for pops of color amongst shady foliage plants like variegated ivy. Don’t forget about shade perennials like lamium. They make an excellent addition to a container and can be planted in the landscape when the season is over.

9. Foliage Festival

Use plants grown for their foliage to get great contrast and pops of color without using flowers. Coleus come in many colors and leaf textures and go great with other foliage favorites such as potato vine and Creeping Jenny.

10. Succulent

Looking for another drought-tolerant container design using one of the trendiest plants around? Arrange succulents of varying colors, shapes and sizes for a unique look.

Article written by

Abby Byrd,
Greenhouse Coordinator

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