Lawn Care Program

A Lawn Care Program for a Healthier Planet

Not Your Typical Lawn Care Program

Traditional lawn care programs typically use large amounts of nitrogen in the form of urea, which is unstable, volatile, and damaging to soil biology- which is a big no, no! This fast-releasing form causes drastic spikes in nitrogen levels, resulting in a weak and unhealthy turf.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4

Fertilizer & Pre-Emergent

Apply March to April. This is your fertilizer grade 15-0-4 combined with a pre-emergent and crabgrass control.

Fertilizer & Season-Long Grub Control

Apply in June. This is your fertilizer grade 12-0-4 which helps keeps grass healthy during warm summer months.

Fall Recovery Fertilizer

Apply September to October. This is your fertilizer grade 18-0-4, helping with the transition from summer to fall and prepares the ground for winter.

Winter Root Feeding

Apply November to December. This is your fertilizer grade 30-0-0 to keep turf roots strong through the cold winter months.

Our Program Works

The PlantRight lawn care program uses slow-release forms of nitrogen to feed your lawn evenly throughout the season, creating healthier turf that is more drought tolerant and less susceptible to disease and pests. Our program also contains no phosphorus.

Talk to an Expert

Have questions about your lawn, come chat with us and find the right solution for a lush, green yard.


Add Curb Appeal

Compliment your pristine lawn with a refreshed landscape.


An Environmental Friendly Lawn Care Program

Our low environmental impact lawn care program with slow- release nitrogen and zero phosphorus is ideal for homeowners looking for green lawns while being good stewards of their community and land.