Health and Wellness

We welcome the Wellness Corner to Colonial Farms at Colonial Gardens. Lead by Lynn Soulier, her health and wellness practices are helping others to choose the correct path of healing through herbs and aromatherapy, energy healing therapy, nutrition, and yoga.

Gentle Beginning Yoga

Begin with the fundamentals of Yoga. As a new student, you will gain a deeper connection to your body, learn to calm and focus your mind, and follow the breath into areas of challenge.

Each week you will gain insights as to places which you may want to improve and see slow and steady progress as your practice develops. In a smaller class, you’ll get more personal attention and learn to trust your body as you become familiar with beginning yoga poses.

This class focuses on proper alignment, strengthening the core, awakening muscles, easing tight hips and shoulders. This class is a pre-requisite for taking the intermediate Yoga classes. You will also learn breath awareness and have an introduction to meditation, and the philosophy of Yoga.

Yoga Classes

Lynn is skilled and experienced in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. Both styles of Yoga originated from India, and both have a history and philosophy that dates back thousands of years.

When first deciding to practice, Hatha is the style Lynn started with. It helped gain of sense of being centered and balanced in the body. It provided a strong calming presence every time practiced, and overtime, she noticed that she became more flexible and mobile in the body. To this practice, she added a daily centering meditation to begin the mornings in a very calm and intentional way. Hatha Yoga was the beginning of a great new lifestyle of well-being.

Kundalini Yoga was the practice she began after 15 years of teaching Hatha Yoga. Lyn often calls it her fast track to healing. It's intentional kriyas (exercises) mudras (hand positions) and Mantras (sounds which have spiritual meaning) change the vibration of energy within us, providing a pathway to healing the body, mind, and spirit very quickly. In August 2020, Lynn received her 2nd level Kundalini Yoga teaching certificate.

Nutrition & Wellness

For Lynn, nutrition is the foundation of good health. She was raised on good organic whole food from the garden as a kid and still loves the opportunity to be in the garden every day. It's imperative to feed the body balanced nutrition and when done so, her mood is happier. Lynn feels a sense of peace in knowing that her digestion is functioning optimally and her skin, as well as, her mind stays clear.

Helping others to find the correct pieces to a balanced diet is very important. Helping to guide them to a way of eating and living that supports well-being and health is why Lynn choose this field.

Nutritional Assessment

Having an opportunity for an assessment of the foods you are eating each day, and understanding how mood, digestion, and other body functions are impacted may be an essential component to getting back into balance. Discovering foods and recipes that will produce the optimal health and well-being for you is the key. Schedule a monthly check in to stay on target with your wellness goals.

Movement Consultation

When beginning any exercise program, it is ideal to have an assessment of how your body is moving, and the opportunity to set some goals for gaining greater balance, flexibility, strength, and confidence in your movements. Before joining a yoga class would be an excellent time to have an assessment to gain the most benefits for improvements.

Herbs for Wellness
Fruit & Herbs Smoothies

Medicinal Herbs

Lynn's path to finding Herbs and Aromatherapy began early in life with her first garden. Like many of us, she loved the smell and the feel of the leaves of peppermint, lavender, sage, and basil. Just standing in the garden and breathing in the aromas got her started on growing and studying these fascinating plants.

Lynn has just completed her 2nd certification in August 2020 in the field of Aromatherapy, gaining a certification in Integrative Aromatherapy from IAC based out of Boulder Colorado. Lynn's Herbal Certification was gained back in 1999 from the Austral Asian College of Herbal Studies based in Portland Oregon. She enjoys helping clients gain better health by choosing the correct herbal products to support them through life's challenges.

Herbal and Aromatherapy Consultation

Many people are discovering the benefits of using herbs for greater health and well-being. An herbal practitioner can assist in helping you to create a balanced life through finding the right tea, salve, extract, essential oil capsule, or herbal blend to promote greater health, this is the practice of herbal wellness. A huge component of herbal wellness is education, by helping clients discover a method that works for them, and which plants to choose for headache, ear infection, sore throat, digestive issues, PMS, menopause, and much more. Learning about each stage of life from infancy through wise elder years and choosing proper herbal remedies for each stage is our expertise: having a thorough understanding of each system of the body, and teaching you about the herbs which will support each system is fundamental in creating better health.

We also offer a monthly Herb Study Group which assists in understanding plant medicine and herbal plants.

Herb Classes

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About Lynn

Lynn has been the Colonial Gardens wellness guru since Spring 2020. A key member of our team, she brings a natural balance to our environment.

Lynn's wellness corner sprouts from her vast background and education. She specializes in Energy Healing, Yoga (Hatha and Kundalini), Doula (birthing assistant), Herbal Wellness, Aromatherapy, and Organic Gardening.

Lynn studied at the Austral-Asian School of Herbal Studies in Oregon, obtaining her diploma in Herbal Studies. Lynn is a graduate of The Core Star School of Energy Healing, and an assistant instructor at the school. Lynn received her training in Anusara Yoga in Kansas City and her Kundalini Yoga training from 3HO. Her Doula training was received through DONA at St. Lukes hospital in Kansas City. She also practices the art of Peruvian Shamanism.

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