Houseplants are en vogue right now!

Houseplants are en vogue right now!

October 4, 2017

How to care for your house plants

House plants are en vogue right now. Houseplants not only can bring beauty to your home but also help add beneficial benefits to your home and you as well. Such as, reducing carbon dioxide levels and reducing certain pollutants in your home.

Things to consider about your house plants:

  • Where in my home is the best place for the houseplant to thrive.
  • Consider lighting requirement, know what level of light these areas receive.
  • Check out the amount of space that is available for this plant to grow.
  • Also, never place plants next to a door, vent or direct sunlight.

House plant care:

  • Hydrate your plants.
  • Never let your plants wilt.
  • Don’t let your plants stand in water for long periods of time. This can lead to  root rot.
  • Avoid water that has been running through a water softener. Tap water is fine, just let that water sit out to room temperature.
  • Fertilize your plants once a month, you can use a liquid base or granule, do your research, know what variety of plant you have to make sure you get the recommended needs for your plant.
  • Use a damp soft cloth once a week to remove any dust or debris from your plants leaves.
  • Always, prune and remove any yellow, browning or dead leaves on the plant to prevent mold.
  • Check the stems and underside of leaves of your plants weekly for pests.
House Plants at Colonial Gardens located in Blue Springs Missouri

Plants are just like people, they don’t like really cold or hot water. Rainwater and melted snow are great choices for watering as well.

Last but not least, talk, sing or play music for your plants. Studies do indicate this may improve the health of your plant. It may also improve your health as well.

Happy planting.

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