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Colonial Gardens is a nursery all it's own. Walk across the courtyard to a beautiful and peaceful area filled with shades of greens and browns. As you stroll through our paved paths, you'll notice the variety of height, leaf textures and shapes, fullness, or tall and lean. Meet one of our nursery experts to help you select the perfect tree(s) for your home. If you've come to Colonial Gardens with a tree already in mind, we will help you select it and get it loaded. If you need a little help, that's what we love to do! Did you know we even offer installation services? If you're in the market for a tree, Colonial Gardens is Kansas City's top pick.

What We Offer


Short tree, tall tree, full tree, slim tree- we've got trees! Our selection is one to beat! Quality products to choose from that are grown correctly and ready for planting! Pick out a tree or let us help you find the perfect tree for your yard. We'll help you from start to finish and make sure you leave with the tree to last a lifetime. Colonial offers fruit trees, Maples, Frasier Firs, Cypress, Birch, Redwoods, and more.


Shrubs are a great addition to any home. Short and full, these add a variety of colors and textures to your landscape. From hydrangeas to azalea, evergreens, or butterfly bush. Not sure what you're looking for or what plant will thrive best in a certain area? Our nursery experts have years of experience and can help you choose the perfect plant for any spot at your home.


Colonial Gardens is proud to be one of few garden centers in the Kansas City area with a variety of Natives. These trees, shrubs, and perennials are native to our Kansas City soil and weather, making them the perfect plant for your yard. What's even better is these plants mostly attract wildlife. Check out our selection of Chokeberry, Black Gum, Button Bush, and Sumac just to name a few!

Colonial Gardens is one of 16 sister companies, the only one retail. So we know where our product is coming from- good, quality soil by team members who share the same values and passion we do. A majority of our trees are actually grown right here in the Kansas City area, making them hardy for our conditions. Other trees, such as our fruit trees, are delivered to us from DCA companies in Oregon or Indiana

PlantRight Guarantee

With the purchase of each tree or shrub is our PlantRight Guarantee. Applicable to all hardy plants, Bio-Life 800+ and PlantRight Compost ensure the success of your planting for up to 1 year. Full of nutrients and biology, give your trees and shrubs the boost it needs for a healthy root system. Learn more about our PlantRight System.

Ask one of our nursery experts about our PlantRight Guarantee when you purchase a plant from Colonial Gardens.


Need Installation Help?

Colonial Gardens offers installation services. Purchase a tree and let us get our hands dirty.
Ask a team member about installing your new tree.

Nursery Experts


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