Places to Eat at Colonial Gardens

The Bean Counter Café

It all started in a garden.

In 1996 The Bean Counter Café was just a plan thought up in Sara O’Bryan’s head- a plan that later would turn into the locally sourced, fresh café it is today. Colonial Gardens is thrilled to partner with a restaurant that understands that food is much more than that…It’s time, hard work, and a whole lotta love.

The Bean Counter History
Local Produce

We strongly believe in buying local.

It not only supports local small businesses but also has less of a negative impact on our environment. Locally grown food requires fewer preservative chemicals and gasoline for transport, not to mention its superior flavor.

We get our fresh produce from Colonial Gardens, it’s Colonial grown right here on-site, and the taste says it all.

Wanna know the dish of the day?

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Store Hours:

Closed Mondays

Tuesday-Sunday: 8am-4pm
(Kitchen closes at 3pm)

Cafe Hours

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