What makes the perfect holiday gift?

Let’s face it: we all struggle with coming up with gifts for our family and friends for the holidays. And the parties. They are endless around the holidays. Does this hostess need another candle? Will they be annoyed if I give them peanut brittle yet again to add to their stash of sweets they don’t really want to eat?

Why not venture out and give them something fresh and living?

It’s the most wonderful time...

This time of year, our greenhouse is stocked full of plants that can easily be turned into the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for aunt or the couple hosting the next Christmas party you’re headed off to.

Blog Content - Poinsettias Gift Guide

“While some holiday gifts might seem seasonal like the classic poinsettia.”

Other houseplants are always an option to freshen up a home in the dead of winter.

The two can even be mixed for a fabulous holiday arrangement.

Poinsettias Care

Poinsettias can use some maintenance throughout the year, but during their blooming season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, they are relatively easy to care for and even easier to give as a gift.

  • To keep blooming, poinsettias prefer bright, indirect light for at least half of the day. A kitchen table near some windows is perfect.
  • They need to stay warm and away from any drafty windows.
  • They like to be kept moist, but only watered when they are dry to the touch.
  • Never leave a poinsettia in a foil or saucer while it’s being watered. Sitting in standing water can cause rot or become diseased.
  • Poinsettias also prefer some humidity. If you can pair them with other houseplants, either in the same container or close by, that will help keep the air moist.

Pairing Poinsettias for the Holidays

Because poinsettias are so colorful, pairing them in an arrangement with foliage houseplants adds some contrast of greens and textures to an arrangement.

Lush spider plant or airplane plant in the garden
Spider/Airplane Plant
Green plant garden decoration, Zebra plant.
Epipremnum aureum leaves

For a more seasonal look, pair them with:

Araucaria heterophylla Leaf. Green nature background.
Norfolk Pines
Weihnachtskaktus - Christmas cactus 03
Christmas Cacti

Houseplants don’t mind being crowded, so plant close together in a festive pot or basket. Once the holidays are over, the recipient of these plants can divide up the houseplants to place around their house if they desire.

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