PlantRight Guarantee

When you plant, PlantRight

PlantRight is Colonial's unique system for just that, Planting Right. At Colonial, we believe Soil is Life. Providing unparalleled solutions in the world of living things, we can ensure homeowners guaranteed success of your outdoor or indoor space by utilizing our PlantRight System. Our passion for growth starts with healthy soil, which grows colorful plants, nourishing produce, and happy people. Together we can grow a sustainable planet for a sustainable future. When you plant, PlantRight.

Hardy Plants


Shumard Oak


Spring Planting- Trees


Native Plant Butterfly Weed

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How It Works

All winter hardy plants (zone 6 and lower) purchased at Colonial Gardens are eligible for the Plantright guarantee with the purchase of Bio-Livfe 800+ and PlantRight Compost.

All winter hardy plants on the receipt shall be guaranteed at 100% of the plant's purchase price if the customer purchases the correct amount of Plantright Compost and Bio-Life 800+.

For every $200 spent on winter hardy plant material, the customer will need to purchase and use one bag of PlantRight Compost and 1 quart of Bio-Life 800+ to plant their plants successfully. This is a sliding scale in increments of $200.

The PlantRight Compost and Bio-Life 800+, in the correct amount, must be purchased with the plants to obtain the guarantee.

plantright steps

Purchase Amount - PlantRight Compost - Bio-Life 800+
$1 to $200 > 1 Bag > 1 Quart
$201 to $400 > 2 Bags > 2 Quarts

Why PlantRight?

  • Reduce transplant shock
  • Grow stronger roots
  • Boost color
  • Longer lasting blooms
  • Organic
  • Perfect for installing trees, shrubs, plants, sod, and seeds
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    For more information on the benefits of soil health, and why soil is life, our friends at SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education) share this interactive infographic with us. Learn how you can improve your soil's impact on produce, flowers, trees, and other plants. See how organic matter, bacteria, and insects all work together to create a hearty soil.