Should I Put Grass Seed down if it’s Snowing in April?

Should I Put Grass Seed down if it’s Snowing in April?

April 5, 2018

Grass Seed down if it’s Snowing in April


Your yard is starting to turn green with all the rain and warm temperatures in Kansas City and you notice there are some bare spots and thinning you’d like to fix. Just when you are thinking about buying your grass seed, the forecast starts calling for SNOW….IN APRIL! What should you do about seeding your yard? Do you wait until Mother Nature decides it’s really spring? Or do you go ahead and throw the grass seed down and hope for the best?

Believe it or not, the day before a spring snow is the perfect day to put down grass seed if you haven’t used any pre-emergent herbicide (or Step 1). By putting the seed down before the snow comes it allows the seed to have contact with the ground and have a cover of slow melting moisture! Once the snow has melted and spring is REALLY here, you can go ahead and get the rest of your preparations done for your picture-perfect lawn!



Be sure to select a grass that will work for your conditions. Some are better than others for sun or shade or different watering situations.

Seeding your yard in the Midwest while its snowing

While bluegrass is soft to walk on, be sure to have an irrigation system or plan of attack for regular watering as it has shallow roots that’s require frequent irrigation.

Seeding your yard in the Midwest while its snowing

Fescue is a coarser grass but has deep roots that will better withstand the elements. You may consider using a blend of the two to have success with multiple varieties.

Seeding your yard in the Midwest while its snowing

As temperatures warm up in the late spring and early summer, be sure that your lawn receives at least one inch of rainfall per week. If not, it’s time to irrigate. This is where owning a rain gauge is very helpful! Always try to water in the

morning to prevent fungi from developing. Somewhere around the first of June, you will want to apply step two: fertilizer and grub control. Also, start mowing your lawn higher during the summer months.

If you have any questions about what to do or when to do it, contact our experts at Colonial Gardens. We love talking about grass seed and can help you find the right seeds and products to give you the lawn you’ve always dreamed of…even if it snows in April!

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