What Should I Plant

In the Spring?

Colonial Gardens Has All Your Planting Needs

Winter Planting


Colonial Gardens offers over a thousand different types and sizes of trees. If you’re not quite sure which tree you were wanting for a sunny or shady spot, then Colonial Gardens can help you out. Our tree experts have been in the business for over 20 years and can help you out no matter how big or small your questions may be.

Winter Planting Seeds


We have countless seed options that can be sold per packet, bag or in bulk! Our most famous option are those of bulk. Ranging anywhere from an ounce of garden, grass or bird seed to 50 lbs of seed. We got you covered.

Winter Plantings Supllies

Gardening & Lawn Supplies

We carry a large selection of gardening tools. We also carry a variety of lawn & gardening products, including our own in-house line of compost & lawn fertilizer.

The Right Time to Plant

As temperatures begin to thaw, planting season has reemerged. Colonial offers increasingly more options for planting as the season moves along toward the summer months.


Some annuals are suitable for cooler spring temperatures, but most prefer to be planted after the last frost which varies from mid-April to early May in the Kansas City area. Some cool-season annuals that can be planted before the last frost include pansies, ornamental kale and cabbage, allysum, and snapdragons.

Warmer Weather

Once warm-season annuals can safely survive outside-they provide containers and landscapes with continuous color for up to 6-7 months out of the year. Choose from flowers such as petunias, lantana, and zinnias.

Spring Planting- Annuals
Spring Planting- Perennials


Spring is an excellent time to plant perennials in the garden. Planting them now gives them time to establish roots before the heat of summer arrives. In addition, spring provides ample amounts of rainfall to help nourish newly planted perennials. Colonial offers an outstanding selection of perennials this time of year, and planting them early enough may ensure that you get to enjoy their summer and fall blooms the first year.

Transplant Perennials

Spring is also the best time to divide or transplant perennials in your own garden. Cooler temperatures and rainfall will reduce their risk of transplant shock.


Some cool-season vegetables like lettuce and broccoli should be planted in the early spring, while warm-season vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers need to be planted later in the spring when the danger of frost is no longer around. Small transplants of these plants can be purchased throughout the spring at Colonial. This eliminates the need to worry about starting your vegetables from seed. Getting all vegetables planted at the proper time will ensure harvest at the proper time. We also offer onion sets early in the spring that can be planted as early as March.

Spring Planting- Peppers
Spring Planting- Trees

Trees & Shrubs

Colonial offers an abundant selection of trees and shrubs in the spring, as it is an excellent time to plant. When shopping in the spring, you receive the benefit of seeing trees and shrubs while they are flowering. Spring offers trees and shrubs cooler temperatures and plentiful rainfall to help plants establish a healthy root system before the heat of summer arrives. Planting in the spring also allows trees and shrubs plenty of time to grow before the following winter.

House Plants & Tropicals

While we offer houseplants year-round, our best tropical selection arrives in the spring. Plants like tropical hibiscus, mandevilla, and palms can make an excellent addition to your patio all summer long. If frost is still likely, tropicals are easily kept safe indoors in containers and can be brought in and out as needed.

Spring Planting- House Plants
Spring Planting- Herbs


Many herbs such as mint, thyme, and lavender are perennial and can be planted early in the spring. Other annual herbs such as basil, parsley, and rosemary should not be planted outside until the danger of frost has cleared. All herbs can be started indoors on a windowsill prior to being brought outdoors. This allows you to begin cooking with fresh herbs as soon as possible.

Spring Bulbs

While bulbs planted in the fall bloom in the spring, there are several species of summer-flowering bulbs that should be planted in the spring, as they are not cold hardy. Some varieties of spring bulbs include gladiolus, dahlias, cannas, and elephant ears.

Spring Planting- Blubs
Spring Planting- Seeds


SeedsBeginning as early as February, you can get a head start on your vegetable and flower gardens by growing seeds indoors.

Cole Crops

Lettuce and broccoli should be started in late February to early March and can be transplanted outdoors four to six weeks before the average first frost.

Warm Season Vegetables

Tomatoes can be started from seed indoors in the spring, but should not be transplanted until frost is no longer likely.

Colonial also offers a wide variety of flower seeds that can be started indoors in the cooler months of spring to be transplanted in May.

PlantRight Compost

PlantRight Compost is an organic soil amendment that’s 99% weed & seed-free. Live microbes give our compost it’s fresh, earthy smell. Containing humus to assist in soil aggregation making nutrients more available for absorption, PlantRight Compost is specially formulated to help you grown the happiest, healthiest plants.

Winter Planting- Compost
Spring Planting- Mulch and Stone

Bulk Mulch and Decorative Stone

Whether you’re restoring your lawn to its original beauty or have recently transformed your space, you’ll want to protect your green investment with the right mulch for the right spot. Stop in and check out our huge selection of bulk mulch and decorative gravel. Delivery available!