Subzero Pansies in Kansas City

Subzero Pansies in Kansas City

September 18, 2018

Subzero Pansies in Kansas City

The colors of the fall season are undeniably beautiful! Different varieties of trees each turn their own eye-popping colors. Chrysanthemums bloom in vibrant colors from reds to yellows to oranges, even purples and whites, letting you know that fall is on its way. Pumpkins and gourds in all shapes and sizes along with straw bales and corn stalks, pop up in displays on every front porch in town. It can be a gloomy day when we look and realize that these warm, vibrant colors of fall have faded with the frost. Like most good things, it eventually must end. And we know what comes next: yes! You got it- winter!

The good news is, there is one exception to the end of color in the fall. Imagine a flower that doesn’t listen to the frost, breaks the mold, and keeps on blooming?

Look no further than SubZero Pansies. This brand of pansies developed by the grower Syngenta, not only come in a multitude of colors, but they don’t stop performing at the end of the season like mums or other pansies. They will bloom throughout the fall and into early winter with not a lot of care or maintenance. Even better- they will survive the winter and bloom again next spring! They are, in fact, guaranteed by Syngenta to return with more flowers for you to enjoy as winter melts away in March and April. If your SubZero pansies don’t survive, Syngenta will reimburse you up to $15 of your purchase. (See the details on the back of the tag when you purchase your SubZero pansies at Colonial Gardens.)

While SubZero pansies are hardy and not especially demanding of your time and attention, they, like any plant, do require watering throughout the fall season. In terms of how much and how often, this can vary greatly based on their location and the weather. Warmer weather and more sun exposure will obviously require that you check them more often for water. It’s best to check the soil moisture once a day. Soil should remain moist, but not consistently sopping wet as this can promote rotting. Pansies in containers will generally need more water than those planted in the ground, as well. In the winter, if we aren’t receiving rain or snow, be sure to not let them go totally dry. You may need to water them once every couple of weeks.

SubZero pansies prefer morning sun to full sun conditions. You may notice a decrease in blooms if they are not receiving enough sun. In addition, promote continuous blooming by keeping old blooms picked off. Pinch or trim back at the base of each stem once the bloom has faded. During the fall, you can fertilize them regularly according to directions of your fertilizer container. Do not fertilize in the winter but resume in the spring when temperatures begin to warm up (typically around March).

Invest in some SubZero pansies this fall, and let them delight you again in the spring.


Article written by

Abby Byrd Greenhouse Coordinator

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Subzero Pansies in Kansas City

Subzero Pansies in Kansas City The colors of the fall season are undeniably beautiful! Different…