Summer Plants that Give You the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Summer Plants that Give You the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

June 14, 2018

Summer Plants that Give You the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

It’s getting to be that time of the season where you want instant beauty in the garden and on the patio for those upcoming summer parties. While you may have the time and patience to let things grow and fill out earlier in the spring, later into the summer you want to purchase plants that are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck! The following is a compilation of some of our favorites that will maximize blooms (or colorful foliage) and grow impressively large, quickly.


Hibiscus-Best bang for your buck

Hibiscus by far produce the largest blooms and continue to produce a fresh batch of blooms almost every day. One plant can hold its own in a container and will supply you will all you need for a stellar, tropical look.


Lantana-Best bang for your buck

One of the only flowers to produce multiple colors in one, lantana is a great value flower for summer. Their fragrant clusters of blooms are favorites of hummingbirds and butterflies. Once established, they are drought-tolerant and thrive in the summer heat.


Canna-Best bang for your buck

Cannas are an excellent choice for height in the center of a container or for large, tropical additions to the landscape. One canna plant will continue to produce new shoots all season that will each produce a new bloom. Once the plant is established, it will almost always be in bloom. Even better – the bulb can be dug up and saved for next year.


Pentas-Best bang for your buck

Pentas form large clusters of blooms that are a magnet for hummingbirds and butterflies. The clusters are visible from afar, and as the plant grows, more blooms will continue to appear.


Coleus-Best bang for your buck

Coleus is another plant that is suitable for many lighting conditions. Its colorful foliage adds a great contrast to the greens in any container. It can be pinched to encourage branching, giving you a large, beautiful pop of color. You can also plant it in the ground for a large mound of colorful foliage.


Angelonia-Best bang for your buck

If there tall, flower-filled stalks are not enough to win your over, consider their blooming and size potential. Once established, you will never notice these plants going out of bloom as they continue to produce new shoots of blooms all summer long. Many varieties can grow to 18 inches or more and fill out nicely. These can also be a great addition to a garden mixed in with perennials. While it will not return next year, you will get to enjoy blooms amongst perennials all summer.


Impatiens-Best bang for your buck

As their name would suggest, Sunpatiens look similar to a New Guinea Impatien, but can also tolerate the sun. They grow impressively large and have large blooms that will repeat all summer.

Dragon Wing Begonias

Begonia-Best bang for your buck

This is one of our favorites because it has a large window of lighting tolerance. They take the shade just fine but can also tolerate quite a bit of sun. They fill out a hanging basket or planter well and can reach heights of nearly 24 inches. Their large, waxy leaves and bright red or pink flowers make them an excellent choice.

Evolution Blue Salvia

Blue Salvia-Best bang for your buck

A low-maintenance addition to a landscape or container, this true-blue salvia will give you a lot of growth and bloom for your buck. Each plant can produce up to a dozen blooms and rarely needs cleaning or deadheading.

Sweet Potato Vine

Sweet Potato Vine-Best bang for your buck

Yes, they are just foliage, but WOW do they grow quickly and make a statement in any container. Lime green varieties add that pop of color and darker varieties bring in the contrast. You’ll be surprised how large these spillers can get. Be sure to check out the climbing series if you are looking for a variety that will give you some height on a trellis.

There is still time to plant and enjoy these for the rest of the summer!  If you are looking for more tips or want to explore new ways to get creative with plants and flowers, take one of our workshops!  Check out our complete list of upcoming classes and workshops.

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Abby Byrd,
Greenhouse Coordinator

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