Top 8 Succulents for the Home

Top 8 Succulents for the Home

January 15, 2018

Top 8 Succulents for the Home

Succulents have been trending for several years now, and after this breakdown of the top eight varieties, it’s easy to see why. Succulents make an excellent plant for the home because they love the low humidity and warm conditions that are often found indoors. While it is true that succulents love the sunshine, they can adapt to medium and high light conditions found inside the home. Succulents make an excellent houseplant because they don’t require much attention.
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Top 8 Succulents: Echeveria Colonial Gardens Blue Springs Missouri

Echeveria are native to Mexico and Central America. There are hundreds of varities that exhibit many styles, shapes and colors. These attributes make their use in succulent combos colorful and interesting. Echeveria is also very easy to care for. Echeveria tolerate heat, lots of sun, part shade, poor or rocky soils, and are drought-tolerant. Can you find a better low-maintenance plant?

Jade Plant

Top 8 Succulents: Jade Plant Colonial Gardens Blue Springs Missouri

Crassuala, commonly called Jade Plant is native to South Africa and includes over 200 varieties. What makes it a  popular indoor plant is it’s size and appearance. Many crassuala grow 18-30 Inches tall, and as it matures, its trunk-like stems mimic the appearance of a miniature shrub. How cute is that! Crassuala are ideal for container plants and are very low maintenance. They will be sure to catch your eye!

String of Pearls

Top 8 Succulents: String of Pearls Colonial Gardens Blue Springs Missouri

String of Pearls is one of the most unique looking succulent plants out there. Its beads resemble a beaded necklace of all green pearl-like foliage (hence the name). String of Pearls makes a great addition to containers or hanging baskets because of its unique looking foliage. This is another low maintenance and easy to grow succulent that can easily be cared for indoors. Also, because it does grow pretty long, it may need occasional pruning in order to maintain a fuller appearance if desired.

Hens and Chicks

Top 8 Succulents: Hens and Chicks Colonial Gardens Blue Springs Missouri

Sempervivum, commonly know as Hens and Chicks, are super hardy and drought resistant. The name Sempervivium is Latin for “live forever”. It got its name from the infinite production of its plant-lets (chicks) that proliferate around the sides of the mother “Hen”. Many people love to use it in miniature or rock gardens. Caring for Hens and Chicks is relatively easy, and we’re referring to the plant and not so much the animals.

Burro’s Tail Cactus

Top 8 Succulents: Burro Tail Cactus Colonial Gardens Blue Springs Missouri

Sedum morganianum, commonly called Burro’s Tail Cactus is actually a succulent despite its name. Burro’s tail is a stunning houseplant choice; its thick stems appear woven with leaves, ranging in color from greens to grays to blues. Burro’s Tail thrives in a well-drained soil and prefers medium to high light. Burro’s Tail makes awesome hanging baskets, or looks nice mixed together with other succulents in a container.

Pencil Cactus

Top 8 Succulents: Pencil Cactus Colonial Gardens Blue Springs Missouri

Euphorbia tirucalli, commonly called Pencil Cactus, is once again a succulent despite its name. Pencil Cactus are native to Africa and India, and prefer sunny, warm spots indoors. Like other succulents, Pencil Cacti can get very large. In their native habitat they can reach up to 30′ tall. Fortunately here in the Midwest, 3-8′ is more likely. If you’re a gardener that procrastinates, then this is the plant for you! Pencil Cactus require minimal care, and can often go many weeks without any maintenance, including water. Pencil Cacti will only need water in the summer every 2-3 weeks. Pencil cacti make an awesome specimen plant.

Christmas Cacti

Top 8 Succulents: Christmas Cacti Colonial Gardens Blue Springs Missouri

Schlumbergera bridgessii, commonly called Christmas Cacti is a popular, winter-flowering houseplant. The Christmas Cacti thrive in indoor temperatures and adapt to low light conditions. So if you don’t have too many windows or window space, the Christmas Cacti can make a great addition to a corner or bathroom with low light settings. Caring for Christmas Cacti is a breeze as well; it needs frequent and thorough watering, but be sure to let the soil dry out some between watering. The Christmas Cacti blooms beautiful flowers up until fall, but with our Midwest weather sometimes the blooms can last well into December or January.

 Aloe Vera

Top 8 Succulents: Aloe Vera Colonial Gardens Blue Springs Missouri

Aloe Vera is a crowd favorite because of its medicinal benefits that aid in the treatment of minor burns and rashes. Since Aloe Vera is a succulent, they prefer dry conditions with minimal watering, and high light just like other succulents. Usually the best placement for an Aloe plant is in the south-or-west-facing windows. Aloe Vera plants are easy to take care of and propagate, which makes it a great addition to the house. You can propagating Aloe Vera and give some away to your friends and family. Just another little added bonus of what this plant can do!


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