What Should I Plant

In the Winter?

Colonial Gardens Has All Your Planting Needs

Winter Planting


Colonial Gardens offers over a thousand different types and sizes of trees. If you’re not quite sure which tree you were wanting for a sunny or shady spot, then Colonial Gardens can help you out. Our tree experts have been in the business for over 20 years and can help you out no matter how big or small your questions may be.

Winter Planting Seeds


We have countless seed options that can be sold per packet, bag or in bulk! Our most famous option are those of bulk. Ranging anywhere from an ounce of garden, grass or bird seed to 50 lbs of seed. We got you covered.

Winter Plantings Supllies

Gardening & Lawn Supplies

We carry a large selection of gardening tools. We also carry a variety of lawn & gardening products, including our own in-house line of compost & lawn fertilizer. Winter watering might seem silly to some, but it is a crucial part of proper care, especially for newly planted trees, shrubs and perennial plants. While you will not water as much during the Winter, it is vital for plant survivability.

The Right Time to Plant

Winter has arrived, and for those who have perennials planted it means they’ve gone dormant. Also, the spring and fall blooms have gone from outdoors, but for indoors a whole new world is waiting to live. Now is the time to focus on Boxwoods, Pines, Spruces & Houseplants.

Poinsettias & Seasonal Plants

To add some color to your home throughout the holiday season, we have a variety of seasonal plants that also make excellent gifts. Poinsettias are available starting around Thanksgiving and can last all the way through Christmas. Other seasonal favorites include Christmas cacti and Norfolk Pines.

Winter Planting- Poinsettias
Winter Planting- Evergreen Containers

Evergreen Containers

As summer and fall annuals begin to die out with the frost, evergreen tip containers can be an excellent alternative to your front porch. We sell a variety of styles and sizes that stay fresh with the cold outdoor temperatures. In addition, accessories can be added to go along with the different winter holidays.

Trees & Shrubs

Evergreens are hardier than most trees and shrubs and they can be planted all throughout the winter, as long as the ground is not frozen. Evergreens can also be used to cut small sprigs to use as winter décor in your home. (Examples: Maples, Spirea, Barberry) We also recommend pruning fruit trees in late January to mid-February. Prune out any diseased branching at this time as well, taking the time to properly sanitize your implements during the pruning process to help eliminate pathogens.

Winter Planting- Trees
Winter Planting- House Plants

House Plants

Planting a houseplant in a container inside your home during the cold winter months will add some green to your house when nothing outside is green. Houseplants not only can bring beauty to your home but also have many health benefits such as air purification, as well. (Ficus, Dracaena, Calathea)


If you have a sunny window in your kitchen, growing herbs through the winter may be feasible for you. A south-facing window with at least 4 hours of direct sunlight will help your herbs remain healthy. Clip on them all winter to freshen up dishes like pasta with fresh basil or roasted potatoes with fresh rosemary.

Winter Planting- Trees
Winter Planting- Compost

PlantRight Compost

PlantRight Compost is an organic soil amendment that’s 99% weed & seed-free. Live microbes give our compost it’s fresh, earthy smell. Containing humus to assist in soil aggregation making nutrients more available for absorption, PlantRight Compost is specially formulated to help you grown the happiest, healthiest plants.


While it should have been done in Fall, it’s still acceptable and necessary to add mulch to your landscaped areas! Not only does it make your beds look visually more appealing, but it also helps retain moisture, and helps regulate soil temperatures, keeping your plants warmer during the Winter, and cooler during the Summer. It can help with weed suppression as well.